Cellar Club

Join our waiting list to claim the next available spot in our Cellar Club. 
Memberships become available in April & October.

When you are moved from the waiting list to the Cellar Club we will contact you for your first shipment.

As a part of the Joseph Cellars’ family, you will receive exclusive benefits, such as access to allocated wines, discounts on current releases, and $1 shipping!

Preferred Pricing


· 10% discount on current release wines

· Access to limited production & library wines


Biannual Club Shipments

·Receive Joseph Cellars wine in the Spring & Fall

·Customize your club shipment with any of our available wines by logging into the member section of our website or contacting the Joseph Cellars team



·Complimentary tasting experiences for up to four guests, when you are present (See FAQs for the number of complimentary tasting experiences your club tier receives).


$1 Shipping


·$1 shipping for any order of 6 bottles or more. 

·*FedEx Ground shipping & FedEx Temperature Controlled shipping May-October.

*Exceptions apply, including shipments to Utah, Hawaii, Alaska & Mississippi

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the wine club membership options?


6 Pack Club – Red or Mixed SOLD OUT 

Case Club – Red or Mixed

6 Pack Cab Club 

What is the benefit of being part of the Case Club?

Case club members receive first access to allocated items, 2 complimentary Cave Experiences for four guests, and can gift their complimentary Palisades tastings to friends (up to 4 people) to use while they are not present once a year

How much does it cost to be part of the Cellar Club?

It depends! The cost of the club shipment is the cost of the wines you choose for your shipment + local sales tax + $1 shipping.


How do I customize my club shipment?


You can customize your club shipment one of three ways:

Log in to the “member” section of our website

Email us at mail@josephcellars.com

Call us at 707.942.9999 ext. 2


How long do I have to customize my club shipment? What happens if I don’t?


You have one week to customize your club shipment, starting from the time we send out the Spring/Fall Wine Club shipment email. If you don’t customize your shipment within that time, we will send you our recommendations, based on which club you are in.


When can I expect to receive my club shipment?


We ship twice a year - in September and March.